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New Year, New Better Me...

We did it. We took that leap and now The Women's Club has officially updated our website.

2022 Plans

2022 will be bringing so many wonderful events and also new business and relationships. We have added what we call creative partners to WTCC. We are proud to welcome Araiza Events and Beyond the Events .They specialize in DJ and Event Planning Services and are our top recommendation for preferred vendors. Why do we choose to work with them above other? Because they provide superb work and they understand the needs of our beautiful venue. Furthermore, their dedication to excellent service runs parallel to our core values. Be sure to visit our "Creative Partners" page to find out more about them.

Garden Renovation

2021 we began restoring our beautiful lawn garden. We continue to put in hard work and dedication to it's upkeep and look forward to making further improvements throughout the year.

Oh, the things you can find, if you don’t stay behind." – Dr. Seuss

With that said, please continue to visit our new site. New posts and events will be added. We look forward to engaging with you online.


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